I Know of One

I prayed for one and his salvation

And as I prayed, I thought of his estate

As one who is enslaved to sin

As one who outwardly lives, yet is dead within

I perceived him in his reality

As that of a skull

And I thought to myself, Is there hope at all?

O, my soul awake from your slumber

Why do you doubt?

Have you not heard?

I know of One who has conquered sin

Of Him by whom we sing, “O death, where is your sting?”

He who has declared, “O sin, Where is your victory?”

I know of One who is the Resurrection and the Life

Of Him who makes dry bones come alive

He who gives life to the valley of death by His breath

I know of One who is greater

Of Him who came down from His glory

He who bears our very likeness in majesty

O, my soul pray with faith to the Lord

For the sins of man are many but His mercy is more!

For I know of One who clothes sinners in robes of righteousness

Yes, of Him who justifies the vilest on the account of His blood

He who takes the stain of sin and makes it white as snow

I know of One whose name is Christ Jesus, the Son of God

Of Him who is the image of the invisible God

He who is the God-man; all in all.

So pray with expectation my soul

For you were once in a like state

And behold: the grace you received will be poured out more

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