A Brief Biography

My name is Joshua Derek Bethay. It’s almost certainly a last name you haven’t seen before, so here’s it’s pronunciation: “BUH-thay”.

I am a Christian, a son to Derek and Christy, a brother to Hannah, and a member of the body at Emmaus Bible Church.

Born in Leesburg, Virginia during March of ’98, I like to imagine that I’m Southern; however, (1) my ‘deep South’ friends scoff at the idea of Virginia being considered a Southern state, and (2) I’m a Midwesterner (or Yankee as these friends say), having been raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana from kindergarten through college.

After finishing high school in 2016, I attended Indiana Wesleyan University and studied Christian Ministries before graduating in 2019 with my B.Sc. Shortly thereafter I moved to my current home in Omaha, Nebraska to come on staff at Emmaus Bible Church where I get to serve the church as a Pastoral Resident.

“What Do You Believe?”

I am a Christian, meaning that I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that salvation from my sin against God is by His grace, through faith, in the substitutionary death of His Son in my place. My salvation is not by my own works, nor my own righteousness, but of Christ’s (Romans 3:20-31).

Within the Christian tradition, there are particular veins and historical traditions that different Christians come under. I was raised in the Wesleyan Church, a small denomination that came out of the Methodist tradition and takes after John Wesley, the remarkable English pastor-theologian from the 18th-century. As time passed, however, I found myself persuaded towards the Reformed tradition as I came to affirm the doctrines of grace which are popularly termed Calvinism. Another distinctive would be that I have arrived at Baptist convictions on church government. In summary, I am a Christian who would fall under the Reformed Baptist – or Particular Baptist – tradition of faith which commonly abides by the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.

“How Do I Get In Touch With You?”

Email: joshbethay@gmail.com