My name is Joshua Bethay (pronounced buh-THAY).

I’m the bloke on the left

I am twenty-one-year-old having been born in Leesburg, Virginia, raised in New Haven/Fort Wayne, Indiana, and currently live in Omaha, Nebraska. In April of 2019 I graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministries with a zeal to pursue full-time ministry within the local church. Currently, I am on staff at Emmaus Bible Church in south Omaha as a Pastoral Resident as I learn from six incredible, godly pastors and serve a congregation that has quickly become family.

Less formerly, I do not enjoy avocados or kombucha, but I do enjoy spending masses of time with friends as well as reading books, shooting the breeze at coffee shops, listening to music, having mini concerts alone in my car, and an old-fashioned two-hour nap.


One incredibly important detail to note is that while my desire is to always root my thoughts, theological conclusions, and exhortations in submission to God’s Word, I do not pretend to be perfect in my writing. I am fallible; I am prone to error. While I do not dare attempt to manufacture my understanding of God by my own devices and reasoning, but by Scripture, there have been, and will continue to be, times when I misinterpret or misapply a text.

Therefore, feel free to disagree with me. But I will request this: I ask that if and when you do disagree with me, you do so on the basis of Scripture alone, not reason, experience, or tradition. While these are helpful as secondary aids, the sole authority for how we should understand God is by his Word through which he reveals himself, his nature, and his will. Let us think of God as he would have – let us not erect idols in our own image and liking.

On a more tertiary level, please bear with my grammar at times. Usually its decent, but your’s truly was a bum in high school and paid no attention in English class which, at times, will show. Thanks.

What is Thirteen44?

For a full discourse on what Thirteen44 (XIII XLIV) is, click here. However, for a brief explanation: XIII XLIV is based upon Matthew 13:44 and the idea that Christ and his gospel is the greatest treasure in our lives. In light of this, my desire for these articles I post is for us to grow together in treasuring Christ in such a manner that with joy we give up all we have in this mist of a life in order to have a treasure that surpasses all understanding: the joy found in the gospel of Jesus Christ alone. That, as Paul exhibits in Philippians 3, we would consider all things as rubbish for the sake of knowing Christ.


I am a Christian, meaning I affirm the Triune God (one God in three coequal, distinct persons as Father, Son, and Spirit) and salvation being in Jesus Christ alone by grace alone through faith alone. Jesus himself being fully God and fully human.

In a narrower vein, I am Reformed Baptist in my theology. This meaning that I affirm the doctrines of grace – popularly called Calvinism – as well as believers-only baptism and a particular church polity, or government (elder-led congregationalism).

For those who fancy personal relationships: