Help Me Find A Good Church

The most important decision of your life is that of coming to faith in Christ, and the second most important decision of your life is closely knit to it: selecting a home church. Come on Josh, church? Yes, church. The church is the canvas upon which the Christian life is painted. I’m not referring to a building, but a group of believers who have covenanted together in accountability for the preservation and proclamation of the gospel in the local area and to the nations.

A healthy church is incredibly important, so here are three organizations who have church directories and databases that identify gospel-centered, Christ-exalting churches across the United States, the world, and specifically your home town.

The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition states that their mission is to “help lead the next generation of believers, pastors, and church leaders in shaping life and ministry around the gospel.”


9Marks is an organization that seeks to equip churches with nine marks of healthy churches as found in the New Testament (i.e., missions and expositional preaching).


Founders Ministries seeks to help recover biblical reformation in churches. Specifically, the Founders attest to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith and so will the majority of the churches that are in their church directory.

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